Longitudinal 3D cut of the Ramesseum Francité

Virtual temple : Géry and Gérard Flament with PovRay

This is a virtual restoration of the temple itself without its outbuildings. It must be considered an artist's rendition and is in keeping with recent work done by egyptologists. We have based our work on Guy LECUYOT's surveys and Christian LEBLANC's text on the colossi published in MEMNONIA.

It was necessary, however, to imagine how some elements may have looked; in particular, the crowns of the osiride statues of the second court, the standing statues of Ramses in the first court, and the headdress on the colossus of Touy, Ramses II's mother. We recreated only the larger figures. Less important figures, such as the statues that stood to either side of the legs of the colossus of Ramses are not shown.

It should also be remembered that the whole temple was decorated with "bas-reliefs". These reliefs were painted, as were the statues, as evidenced by the traces of paint found on the colossus of Ramses.

Our recreation shows a rectangular plan for the temple, but the actual plan was in the shape of a parallelogram.

We thank Alicia Gordon and Iain Hawkins for their help in this translation.

First pylon and first court

First court

First court toward north

Second court up the second pylon

Second court

Second court and hypostyle hall without roof